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How to manifest your dream home and have it today!

I’d like to let you into a little secret, particularly if you’re always dreaming of moving to your dream home? I come across many people, usually women, usually entrepreneurs, maybe like you, striving to improve their lot….. better surroundings, better house … and they promise themselves that as soon as they earn their first £1,000,000 they’ll live their dream. It’s what’s called “One Day Syndrome”.

Well, I’m here to let you into a secret – you don’t have to wait for “One Day”, you can have it NOW – TODAY. No magic wand, no windfall. The secret is simply to take a good look at what you already have and make it flow.

Here’s what you do; first ask yourself a few questions …

  • How does your current space makes you feel. Great or bad?
  • Does it serve you?
  • Has it got flow?
  • Does each room have a purpose?
  • Does each room make sense to you?

Ok, now go around each room and assign it a clear purpose. Some are obvious like the bathroom and kitchen. Some have more than one purpose, that’s ok as long as you’re clear what those purposes are.

Now with its purpose in mind, clear out what doesn’t belong in each room. If there’s laundry in the living room, get it out. Doing this will give flow to your home.

Secondly, if a particular room in your home isn’t making you feel good, do this; write down all the things you don’t like about the room, then write down all the things you do like about the room. Bit by bit start to change the things you don’t like.

Very quickly you’ll have a home that you’re proud of and a divine space that you’ll love to relax in.

No need to wait for “one day”. You can manifest your dream home and have it today!

If you’d like a little help as you start to change things, or if you’ve got some ideas you’d like to bounce off me, I’d like to offer you a 60 minute call with me, completely free of charge.  Chose your time slot here 

Your organisational journey starts here!

Sign up for exclusive tips and tricks from award winning professional organiser Alison Armitage.

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