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I’ve been avidly watching every single episode that most recent of the reality challenge TV shows  like  The Great Interior Design Challenge and yes I did agree with the judging  –  but I digress….  like many of these series  -Bake Off, Sewing Bee etc… it get’s us thinking.….

However, we’re hardly likely to have a TV crew knock on our door and ask if we want a free room makeover!!  So today’s blog is all about.

How you can give yourself the confidence to allow your yourself a great home – Here’s how …     It really is  all about Confidence.

You don’t have to throw away money on costly trial & error sessions

You don’t have to worry about “getting it wrong” (or wait for a TV crew to knock on the door!!)

My first great love is interiors, – well after my husband, kids and the dog …. my second great love is giving people like you confidence to create their own divine living space.

You’re not alone, most people I talk to don’t have confidence because of just 2 factors

  • Overwhelm  –  where to start
  • Scared  –  don’t want to make expensive mistakes

Well my most tried and tested – and yes very enjoyable way is to sit with a cup or glass of something and browse magazines – browse on-line – and even old photos.   And if anyone asks you,  this isn’t idling away time  – this is Research – with a capital R!!

What you’re going to do is build up a scrapbook – or PINterest board, if you prefer – of everything you like. We don’t need room settings here, just small, individual things – a lamp, a colour, a rug, the style of a sofa, a picture.  Shapes, colours, textures. Things which inspire, delight and work for you.  You may be drawn to a beautifully shaped lamp base – the colour doesn’t appeal , but no matter, cut it out and put it in your scrapbook.

I’ve taken the shape and texture of a lampbase and designed a whole room around it.   Don’t over think this, just allow yourself to be drawn to what resonates with you.  Very soon you’ll start to recognise a style you like. It will emerge all on its own.   It might be research, but it’s very enjoyable research and you will emerge with a blueprint for your very own pine living.

Easy. No overwhelm. No mistakes. And all your own creation.

The secret is getting it down on paper – scrapbooking.

Take your scrapbook shopping with you so you can show assistants exactly what you want.  It makes you look everso professional too….!

Enjoy, have fun! You’re on your way to living in your own pine Space!!

If you’d like a little help once you’ve got your blueprint or scrapbook, or if you’d just like to chat things through I’d like to offer you a 60 minute call with me, completely free of charge. Chose your time slot here.

With Love

Alison x

Your organisational journey starts here!

Sign up for exclusive tips and tricks from award winning professional organiser Alison Armitage.

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