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Clothes are important and to some degree make up part of our identity. It’s important to stay on top of your clothes and declutter regularly – if you don’t take the time to do this, you can find yourself with an overflowing wardrobe full of clothes that you don’t to wear.

Why do we hold onto clothes we don’t wear? It’s similar to the reasons why we don’t purge ourselves of other items: we are convinced that one day we might just need it.  However, as always, if it has been sitting in your wardrobe for a lengthy amount of time and you have not worn it, there is a reason why.

Here are the usual reasons:

It’s too big/too small

If you have items of clothes that are too big or small, it may be that you have recently lost/gained weight or perhaps you have been pregnant. Either way, if you like it enough, think about getting it altered. Do not let the item of clothing just sit there in your cupboard. If the clothes are in a size you are not likely to be again then get rid of it! And don’t feel bad about it. Make sure the clothes you wear change with you as you move into new phases of your life.

It doesn’t suit or flatter you

Sometimes we buy items of clothes that we really like in the shop, but when we get home we don’t like them as much. Sometimes they can be the wrong colour; or the wrong size; or the wrong design. Whatever the case, we often don’t fully admit to ourselves that we don’t like it enough to get rid of it. Then it will just hang in your wardrobe for years… Don’t let it! Give the clothes you don’t want away to friends, sell them on Ebay or donate to a charity shop. “Clothes swaps” are becoming increasingly popular too. This is where a group of friends will get together and have a giant swap of clothes. They are really fun and you could simultaneously declutter your wardrobe and get a whole new one in return: for free!


Do you have cardigan with a missing button? Or perhaps a pair of jeans with a stain? These common areas of clothing damage stop us from wearing clothes that we like. So…don’t delay… fix them! Put them into a pile and either make plans to fix them yourself or get a professional to do it. Again, do not let them just hang there. If you decide you don’t like them enough to bother getting them fixed, then donate to a charity shop.

Now that you have decluttered your clothes, how do you organise them?

It’s worth spending some time working out how to organise your wardrobe.  Think about the hanging/drawer/cupboard space you have and then we’d advise you to put your clothes into categories.  This can either be by: types of clothes, colours or occasion. Categorising your clothes may help to work out what to wear each day and it may help you to mix and match more often.


If this is something you would love to do, but are not sure where to start or what is going to make the most difference to your home, I’d love to offer you a FREE Home Review with me via phone or Skype.

Your organisational journey starts here!

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