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How to stop the chaos when working from home

Listening to a radio programme about the 25th anniversary of  the Worldwide Web got me thinking about storage and how that vast amount of information is organised and stored in such a way as to be readily retrievable and not just chaotic.   If all the information – stuff – is organised, filed and stored away in a routine and systematic way – voila! No chaos!   But if a routine or procedure is missed, chaos ensues.

In a similar way we can stop the chaos when working from home.

It’s all about Routines and Systems.

However, if you’re anything like me – an entrepreneurial type of person – those two words translate to ‘boredom’ and ‘rut’.   But believe me, they are essential to keep on top of everything and stop the chaos, leaving time for creativity.

Here’s how..

Have a system for everything

  • Designate a work area, ideally a separate room.  Put everything related to work in that room and nowhere else in the home.
  • Have a laundry system, a grocery system etc..
  • Make sure you clear up after every meal and put everything away
  • Designate a regular day or time to clear the decks

Get the right storage, and use it!

  • take a good look at what you need to keep and where you need to keep it
  • the storage you’ve inherited with the house may not be sufficient, or match your purpose.  Are there other, better options for you?

Never let ‘stuff’ exceed the storage available.

Ulitmately, try to go paperless.  Now there’s a challenge!

If you find yourself regularly struggling because you haven’t got proper space for something, look at it differently – don’t struggle.  Or call me.  Take me up on my offer of a 60 minute call with, completely free of charge.  Chose your time slot here 


Your organisational journey starts here!

Sign up for exclusive tips and tricks from award winning professional organiser Alison Armitage.

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