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In just a matter of hours Alison turned a pokey old cupboard into a beautiful walk in wardrobe!

She has so many brilliant ideas and she’s very patient, and most of all I felt very relaxed going through all my personal things with her. She has been a god send and I would recommend her to anyone!

Angelique Mulholland - Bath
Alison is not only good at getting rid of clutter – she also has an eye for how to arrange things in ways that are both practical and attractive. Definitely money very well spent.
Alice Jolly - Stroud Gloucestershire
Kitchen is working well, really easy to keep tidy and learning to enjoy cooking in there again. I’ve had lots of positive comments from friends who’ve come visiting and the old ‘wow’ response from people visiting for the first time
Ms A'Ness - Abbots Leigh Bristol
Alison helped us create a beautiful and funky bedroom for our 4-year old daughter… to not only decorate beautifully and with fun but also really maximise the space available through clever storage ideas and layout. I recommend her to anyone
Sally Aries - Iron Acton South Gloucestershire
I was dreading going into the study – it was full of memories, groaning shelves of books and papers, and really depressing. Then along comes Divine Living Space…

Alison gives a very professional service, in a supportive and non-judgmental way. She worked incredibly hard all day and achieved what I had failed to do for a year – get rid of the junk and reclaim the space. It was so helpful to work with a well organised and cheerful organiser, and the day was well worth the money spent, which represented a preliminary assessment visit and seven hours of focused clearing and sorting.. She even put the hoover over the carpet when we had shifted the boxes of rubbish.

I would recommend her services to anyone needing help with sorting and decluttering – it makes you feel so much better.

Dr Diana Terry - Bath
A sensitive approach in an honest and creative way to create space together while holding on to the material possessions that matter
Reverend Lindy Latham - Brentry Bristol
Alison decluttered our whole house, she was efficient and well organised, worked with me at a pace that sensible decisions could be made and worked around our sleeping dog who decided that items put for sorting was a good place to settle and have a doze.. We are well pleased and our home looks fantastic, it really is true a decluttered house is easy and restful on the mind.
Ronald Summerill - Kings Wood Bristol
Dear Alison, thank you so much for making yesterday a life changing day!
Thank you for helping me to let go of things that I haven’t had the courage to before. You are amazing, professional, sensitive, and funny!! Yes people de-cluttering can even be FUN!!
Marsha Hunt - Kingswood Bristol
Thank you very much Alison for all your help, advice and tips on de cluttering and co-ordinating colours, fabrics and storage solutions for my kitchen and family room. I found Alison very understanding, calm and efficient. Can’t thank you enough!
Sue Gibbs Weston-Super-Mare
I have no hesitation in recommending Alison to help you de-clutter.
Susan Wildman - Alveston South Gloucestershire
This morning I was so looking forward to getting out of the bathroom, knowing that a new life-style awaited in the wardrobes. It was fabulously easy! One glance at the jumper rail and I knew precisely what the garb-du-jour would be. Opened the wardrobe and the matching jeans practically unclipped themselves from that neat, spacious row! Wonderful! It feels as if a tangled, messy corner of my life has been unburdened and simplified for me – I know this will make sense to you. This is the Divine Living Space effect!
Lee Rae-moir - Bradley Stoke, Gloucestershire
The boxes had been piling up for years and the situation was getting out of control, but with a decade’s worth of paperwork to sort through there was no easy answer.

The first consultation with Alison was great, she didn’t make me feel embarrassed, just outlined a plan to help me get back on track.

On the day Alison arrived punctually and full of positivity. We made massive inroads into the paper work, and got the new system working before she left.

Alison has helped me find a system that works for me and I’ve formed new habits. I don’t let piles of anything mount up anymore. My house takes a maximum of 20 minutes to tidy up before someone comes to visit – and that’s on a bad day!

Ann-Marie Williams – Bristol
… a huge thank you for this morning, you are an angel. You are really professional, don’t judge and make people feel like individuals again
Jacqui Brathwaite - Clevedon Somerset

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