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lego-708087_1280Our blog this week is dedicated to your kids. They are the love of your lives, but my goodness they do generate a lot of stuff don’t they?

Many families find two main areas of difficulty when organising their children’s things; toys (all over the house) and bedrooms.


Where children’s toys are kept will be different for every family. It will depend on the number of children and the space that is available.

As a general rule, we recommend that older children should keep their toys in their rooms rather than family living areas.

With younger children, we recommend that there is an area of the living room ( a shelf or cupboard) which is kept just for them. It should be at their level, making their toys are easily accessible and possible for them to tidy up after they have finished. The sense of ownership should help them feel responsible for the area and should help keep the rest of the house a little clearer.

We also recommend separating the toys into “Small toys” and “Big toys”. Often the little toys can break when they get lost among bigger toys.

Another great idea is to rotate the toys. You can keep half of them in storage and then, after three months, swap them with the toys on the shelf. It could feel like Christmas has come early!

As always, keep decluttering. If your children no longer use a toy as they have outgrown or don’t like it anymore, then pass it onto a family that will use it. Make the most of charity shops, freecycle or ebay!


The key to organising your child’s bedroom is not to have too much stuff in there. It’s important to have a central place where you can store and display their toys and books. Make sure everything is accessible to them and ensure you have a tidy up policy in place (sticker charts work very well).

Your children’s wardrobes can also get out of control if they are not organised properly. As we all know, children grow fast, so make sure you sort through their clothes regularly. If they outgrow an item of clothing, then get rid of it or store it if you think it will be used again by another sibling.

The key to keeping on top of your children’s things is to purge regularly and be organised with what they do have.

If this is something you would love to do, but are not sure where to start or what is going to make the most difference to your home, I’d love to offer you a FREE Home Review with me via phone or Skype.

Your organisational journey starts here!

Sign up for exclusive tips and tricks from award winning professional organiser Alison Armitage.

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