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Moving House

Sometimes dealing with loss involves more drastic changes.

On an emotional level moving house can provide a new location and a fresh start, away from painful memories. Or maybe your reasons are more practical – downsizing after children have left or moving closer to other family members after a bereavement.

This is going to be a very emotional step and at times it’s going to be hard.

In order to make the process as effective as possible you need to understand one simple rule:

To sell your house in the right time and for the right price, you need to make your home as marketable as possible.

This will involve removing a lot of the personal things. It’s important to find a balance; making your home welcoming but also a blank canvas. When looking for a new house, prospective buyers will want to imagine themselves relaxing in your living room, cooking dinner in your kitchen or getting ready to go out in your bedroom. They will be mentally placing their furniture in your rooms and hanging their photos on your walls. When you are offering your house to someone, you have to make them believe it could be their home. Too many family photos or memorabilia will be distracting.

Removing loved items and personal possessions is going to be emotionally difficult. But remember these personal things can be carefully packed away ready for the move. This is just a temporary change – everything can be unpacked again in your new home.

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Your organisational journey starts here!

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