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 The First Steps

Loss is a very personal experience that can take many forms. Whether you are suffering from bereavement, the break-down of a relationship or perhaps even coming to terms with a child leaving home, loss can often cause us to hold onto the past.

It is natural for there to be a period when you are not ready to deal with the material reminders of what you have lost, but if you are reading this then maybe you are in a place where you can start. Here at Divine Living Space, I want to help you find your way through the difficult time that comes with beginning to move forwards with your life.

1) In its initial stages, you may experience emotions ranging from fear and anger, to sadness. It will help to have people to talk to around you; people to help you with practical arrangements, but most importantly to listen.

2) It may be necessary to sort through possessions immediately after your loss or you may decide to postpone this process. Either way, going through personal items is an important part of coming to terms with loss. It is important to give yourself the opportunity to indulge in your memories and acknowledge the emotions that they may evoke. Although this may initially be difficult, it is better to confront these emotions before they become disruptive.  

3) You should approach the process of editing your possessions one section at a time – so if you haven’t got rid of anything then there will be clothes to deal with, followed by smaller items. I would definitely suggest tackling them individually and to do one thing at a time. Sorting through possessions, deciding what can be kept and what you no longer need, is not something that you should expect, or make yourself do in one day. It will depend on you as an individual, how much time has passed and where you are on your emotional journey.

4) Within this process of sorting and moving on, there may come a moment when you realise that bigger steps need to be taken to move forwards with your life. The change of lifestyle that inevitably follows the absence of a loved one, may highlight that the current design of your home may no longer be appropriate. This moment may not occur until much later in your healing process; it might be prompted by emotional or more practical motives. It might be that you got rid of the clothes and the personal possessions years ago and it might be just now that you are left with your home and it’s not so practical for you as an individual anymore.

5) So it’s time to look at your home with fresh eyes and think ‘actually, I’m now ready to make my home mine again’. It’s time to make the house to suit the ‘you’ of now and the way you will live your life moving forwards. With that in mind, it’s time to look at your own possessions, the ones that served you the way your life was and it’s looking at them now and asking yourself whether they are still fulfilling a purpose. Look at what you are using and what you are not using. Look at your lifestyle and how it has changed your surroundings and your needs.

With these tips, you will be able to take the first steps towards a home that works with your new life.

If you feel this is something you would like help with, I’d like to offer you a 60 minute call with me, completely free of charge. Choose your time slot here .

Your organisational journey starts here!

Sign up for exclusive tips and tricks from award winning professional organiser Alison Armitage.

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