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Do you find that all too often you start a project and then leave it abandoned or ¾ completed, as the initial enthusiasm for the task drains away?

  • Do you find all too often that you’ve created grand plans for your home, but let nagging doubts stop them ever becoming reality?
  • Do you find that all too often you want to make changes to your rooms, but you can’t quite work out exactly how it could be?
  • Are you ready to break this pattern that’s keeping you stuck and finally realise the home of your dreams?

If so, you can make this happen right now with your very own personalised Divine Living Coaching Programme”

Sound interesting? During a course of 6 regular, personal telephone calls, I guide you through the process of home improvement at a pace to support you. Yes, your home improvement!

In just 6 weeks you can reclaim control of the spaces within your home and I will give you practical advice and support specifically tailored to your individual needs.

Perhaps you are ready to sort out your space so that you have a clear office space in which your business can flourish or your home paperwork is efficiently organized, or you need your child’s room to change as they’ve grown into the next stage. Maybe you are preparing to sell and need to maximise the assets of your home for a quicker sale at the highest price, I really do help you to realise the potential in your home.

With this coaching initiative, our weekly phone calls give momentum to your motivation, which mean that your ideas are actually put into practice and don’t just stay in your head, or as ideas on paper. Our calls will help you be accountable to make the changes actually happen and that means you are guaranteed to make better progress in a shorter time-frame.

This service is perfect for you if…

  • you are unhappy or unsatisfied by any space in your home.
  • you are determined to make a positive change but need support.
  • you want to make the most of your free time, however limited it is.
  • you have trouble letting go of certain possessions and feel you need compassionate guidance when you feel emotional.
  • you feel that having someone hold you accountable for your work will make you better focused on the task at hand.

With the right support you can eliminate your uncertainty, jump-start your projects, and get the dream living space in the home you want, right now, in reality!

Looking forward to working with you to create your personal Divine Living Space.

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