I initially went to Kerala on a yoga retreat for my own personal development; to learn the skills and techniques I would need to practice yoga in my own home. Yet I also found multiple health benefits from the experience.

When I started my retreat, my body temperature was really hot – I mean through the roof! I was struggling with perimenopausal syptoms and generally feeling quite unwell. In Kerala I found an Ayurvedic doctor. He looked at my body type and was able to pinpoint the cause of my symptoms. It turns out I am a Vata but my Pitta was high because of perimenopause (for more information on Ayurveda, drop me a line). The Ayurvedic doctor recommended a 7-day course of treatments, including a special massage every day using different herbs to treat the body, and 3 different types of herbal medicines. Amazingly within a couple of days I was starting to feel better and my body temperature felt cooler (despite the Indian climate).

This initial Ayurvedic treatment plan, combined with a fresh plant-based diet, having the time to properly meditate, and taking the time to stretch and strengthen my body meant that I ended the five weeks feeling better than I had done in years. Despite this being my 50th year, my body has never felt so strong and so nurtured.

When I came back to the UK I felt totally relaxed and completely amazing. So much so that returning to normal life took some time. The one thing I decided I needed to do was to make space in my life for a better balance. On the retreat I realised just how important it is to have a sense of balance in your life. What I’ve known for a long time is that freshly prepared plant-based foods are the way to nourish me and make me feel well. Yet this can be hard to actualise when you lead a busy life and run a business: a plant-based diet with regular yoga and regular meditation – in the past all three were really difficult to get together. Yet having spent the time achieving a balance within myself, I knew it was important for me to carry this on into my normal life. I now make an effort to have the right foods ready for me in the fridge and to find the time to meditate and give my body the relaxation it needs. I’m still not perfect (I’m not aiming for perfection) and there are days when I still can’t find the time but the retreat really allowed me to understand what my body needs and how I can best support it.

The retreat also allowed me to experience a whole new culture and way of life. Although I never thought I wanted to go to India, yoga took me there. I was initially nervous about travelling alone, but the retreat showed me that it can be such a safe and rewarding experience.

I can’t recommend the experience enough! The yoga retreat gave me the space to relax, the time to recharge, and the environment to re-energise – it was the best thing I could have done for myself!

With love

Alison x

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