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Loss and Your Home – Moving House

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Moving House

Sometimes dealing with loss involves more drastic changes.

On an emotional level moving house can provide a new location and a fresh start, away from painful memories. Or maybe your reasons are more practical – downsizing after children […]

Loss and Your Home – Things You Want To Keep

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How To Organise The Things You Want To Keep

Once you have started going through your home and making changes, you are going to come across possessions of your loved one. Some of these belongings you may be ready to […]

Loss and Your Home – The First Steps

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 The First Steps

Loss is a very personal experience that can take many forms. Whether you are suffering from bereavement, the break-down of a relationship or perhaps even coming to terms with a child leaving home, loss can often cause […]

The one thing, that will make a difference to your home life

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This morning I had a long overdue lay in, and it felt soo good…

I purposely kept this weekend clear (apart for my new found love of squash and badminton on Sunday morning)I want to just chill and catch up with myself…The one […]

Make your life easier by having your home flowing seamlessly

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Divine Living is as much about effortless living, about having a home which works for you by flowing smoothly, as it is about furniture and decoration.  In fact probably more so.
It’s possible to make your life easy by making […]

How not having a clear work space will destroy your business & 3 easy ways to overcome it

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The bad news is a messy work space has the ability to destroy your business.  Strong words I know. But the good news is that there are three easy ways to not let this happen.
So, let’s look at the […]

Passing on the legacy (or how to train your children to live in their dream home too)

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What a fantastic gift to pass on to your children –  their own divine living space.  And it’s free!!! This week’s blog is short because it’s simple and it works. By doing the things yourself that we regularly talk […]

How to stop the chaos when working from home

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Listening to a radio programme about the 25th anniversary of  the Worldwide Web got me thinking about storage and how that vast amount of information is organised and stored in such a way as to be readily retrievable and […]

You can have it… now!

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How to manifest your dream home and have it today!
I’d like to let you into a little secret, particularly if you’re always dreaming of moving to your dream home? I come across many people, usually women, usually entrepreneurs, maybe […]