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About me

folio208-property1Some of my earliest memories are helping my grandmother move the layout of her bedrooms. Even as a child I revelled in the challenge of a puzzle and the colour of my pens.

This creative energy developed with age into a passion for making a new house a home. When I was just 25, I oversaw the creation of my own self-build. It was then, when I wanted to fill this new house with soft furnishings, that I enrolled on a City and Guilds course to realise this dream. Combined with my BA Hons in Fine Art and a PG Cert in Interior Architecture and Design, I had the perfect base from which to launch my first business – Home Decluttered. Running a start-up business whilst completing my MA in Fine Art tested my organisational skills, but I relished the challenge and haven’t looked back since.

Entrepreneur-of-the-monthIn 2011 I won Business Owner of the Month, and now I am very proud of my new company Divine Living Space.

My aim has always been to help others live in their best space.

From my time as a student, when I cleaned, re-arranged and organised people’s houses over the holidays, I have loved the feeling of giving someone back control over their home. I love to see the excitement on their faces when we have completed the transformation. I love knowing that I haven’t just changed a room, I’ve helped them achieve a Divine Living Space.

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