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Working from home can be a fantastic lifestyle choice. Working in an organised, clear and tidy work space can really bring out the best in your work and help your business to thrive.

The reality can be quite different.

keyboard-498396_1280-300x153Whether it’s a a single room or multiple rooms, we’ll leave you with a streamlined, easy to manage, stress-free environment.

  • You may have piles of post, letters and business plans scattered around your home.
  • You don’t seem to fully switch off from work and enjoy your down time.
  • Your work is taking over the house and everybody who lives there is suffering.

Led by the award-winning professional organiser Alison Armitage, we’ll help you organise your work space so that you can enjoy both your office and your home.

This includes simple ways to redefine your work space, by organising, tidying and storing the things you need.
It is amazing how much work-related clutter we build up over time and yet we’ve still kept ‘just in case’. It’s these things that we need to learn to let go and the organising process will help you to do this.

Through years of experience in helping entrepreneurs and business professionals, we can help build a space for your business to thrive.

Thank you so much for making yesterday a life changing day! Thank you for helping me to let go of things that I haven’t had the courage to before. You are amazing, professional, sensitive, and funny!! Yes people de-cluttering can even be FUN!!
Marsha Hunt – Kingswood Bristol

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