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Led by the professional organiser Alison Armitage, we’ll work with you to organise your living space, to recognise the things you love and to create a home you can be proud of.

We’ve been helping people organise their homes, offices and lives for nearly a decade.

ID:94387718Whether it’s a a single room or multiple rooms, we’ll leave you with a streamlined, easy to manage, stress-free environment.

Transforming your home into a divine living space can be extremely rewarding and liberating.

We’ll provide the professional and emotional guidance you need on your journey to become clutter-free!

This involves organising, tidying, keeping the things you love and storing or recycling the things you don’t. We’ll also teach you organisational techniques to keep you in control of the clutter once we’ve gone.

Alison is not only good at getting rid of clutter – she also has an eye for how to arrange things in ways that are both practical and attractive.  Definitely money very well spent.

Alice Jolly – Stroud  Gloucestershire

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